Re: Labeliing slides

From:Ross Stapf

We deal with 2 labs that put our number as well as their number on slides for us.   DPS does some of our cytology prep and they put both their number and our number on the slides.

Also Mayo Clinic does our Renal Biopsies.  They usually put both our number and their number on the slides.   On the occassions that they do not put our number on the slides we have a very hard time filing the slides.  By the time the slides are ready to be filed the paperwork has already been seperated and filed according to our accession number.  It takes a bit of time to figure out which case it might be and check the paperwork to see if the number on the slides are the same as the number that the reference lab assigned.

Both labs have computer generated labels which include the clients number on them.  You may be able to add this as a field to your computer generated labels.  I would think that most of your clients would appreciate having their accession # on the labels if given the choice.

Ross Stapf
Histology Supervisor
Washington Adventist Hospital 
Takoma Park MD

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