Help with a hands-on workshop on IHC

From:Linda Jenkins

Dear IHC "guru's",
         We have the pleasure of working with 16 college students this 
summer who are here for an NSF - funded research experience.  I have 
already done one three hour workshop on microscopy/imaging techniques and 
another three hour on histology where we had the paraffin ribbon cutting 
contest with prizes awarded for the longest paraffin ribbon!
         Now, the faculty would like us to teach a hands-on workshop on 
IHC.  Since I have limited experience in this area, I would like some 
suggestions.  The theory/lecture part is no problem.  However, the hands-on 
portion is where I would like some input.
1.  What kit should I purchase (they will be working in groups of 4)?
2.   What tissue should I use...species, etc. ( I can obtain human, bovine, 
porcine, rat, and mice tissue)
         We need something simple, easily reproduced, and relatively 
inexpensive.  I guess my question to the expert's is...if you had to 
showcase your favorite IHC stain what would it be and why?
         Many, many years ago, I remember the first time I did a Masson's 
Trichrome stain and thought it was the most beautiful sight to 
behold...still my favorite "special stain"!
         My sincere thanks in advance,

Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Dept. of Bioengineering
Clemson, SC 29634-0905

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