RE: Re-Distilled Xylene

From:"Morken, Tim"

John, We use a B/R recycler and they will do an occasional free mass-spec
analysis of your output to show exactly what you have. I would recommend
calling them and asking for that service.

Tim Morken

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Subject: Re-Distilled Xylene

Thank you all for the email regarding checking re-distilled xylene.  I got
some good ideas of how I can check on a "periodic" basis.  This came out a
recent CAP inspection, it was only a recommendation, but probably is a good
idea.  We've been re-distilling xylene and alcohol for 15 years now, first
with an old BR, glass cylinder type and now the newer version.  We've NEVER
had a problem, all these years, except with a couple of spills because techs
forgot to close the spigot.  Thanks again.

John Spair, Manager
Pathology Services
MultiCare Health System

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