Tarpley snap freezing with dry ice/isopentane

From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@montana.edu>

Brain snap freezing has been discussed a great deal recently.  John Tarpley
gave an excellent explanation on how to snap freeze tissues using
cryomolds, OCT and a dry ice/isopentane slurry method.  He does NOT get
cracked blocks, and it would worth a try for those having problems. John
did not give brand of cryomold he used, but we have found Tissue Tek
cryomolds superior due to thinner plastic in construction.  This may not be
a factor with John's method but you can ask him. 

 This was published in Microscopy Today, June 2001, Issue #01-5.  Maybe
John would drop a file attachment to you IF you cannot access the journal.

John can be contacted at jtarpley@amgen.com and is willing to help you out. 


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