Re: S.T.F. fixative

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From:Sharon Osborn <>
To:Sarah Christo <>
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Christine, this is indeed Streck Tissue Fixative available from STRECK Laboratories
in Omaha, NE.  Their number to call is:1.800-843-0912.  They will supply you with
information, use and pricing of the product.  The customer service people are Chris
Whittinghill and Kevin O'Reilly; two very friendly and helpful people.  Sharon

Sarah Christo wrote:

> I believe this is Streck Tissue Fixative.  Sarah
> Sarah Christo, HT (ASCP)
> Research Associate, Histology Lab
> Texas A&M University
> College of Veterinary Medicine
> Dept. of Vet Anatomy & Public Health
> College Station, TX  77843-4458
> phone: (979) 845-3177
> fax:  (979) 458-3499
> >>> <> 06/21/00 01:23PM >>>
> Dear fellow histonetters,
>                                                    Has anybody heard of and/or
> used the new fixative called S.T.F. ?  I believe it might also go by the name
> Davidson's STF.  I was told that this fixative is genomics friendly and does not
> degrade any DNA or RNA thereby making retrieval of RNA possible from parrafin
> embedded tissue.  If anyone has any information on this I would love to hear
> from you.  I am very interested in learning what exactly is in this fixative and
> how it works.
> Thanking you in advance,
> Christine Klein, BSMT(ASCP)
> MD Anderson Cancer Center
> Houston, Tx.

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