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I wrote this reply early this morning, but never saw it posted on 
Histonet. Am resending it. Sorry if some of you see it twice.

If ASCP does like they have done before, they send out the
1500 random surveys to lab managers/supervisors from the end 
of July until the end of October on even years. Then in about 
February or March, of the following odd-numbered year, they 
publish the results in "Laboratory Medicine."

So, if they follow the same pattern, they will be doing
the survey starting the end of next month, and publishing
it in Feb-Mar 2001.

So . . . warn your supervisors/managers to look for the
survey, and be sure they fill it out and mail it in. We 
need all the statistics on HT and HTL we can get.

My own informal studies by looking at the ads in ADVANCE
indicate a larger shortage of histotechs than med tech 
or cytotechs, when you take the proportion of histotechs 
to all the other lab professionals. About 2-3 times more 
openings listed for histotechs than you would expect from 
the number of histotechs in hospitals, vs. the number of 
openings for med techs or cytotechs compared to their 
numbers in labs.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak MI

Melody Ricci wrote:
> Doesn't the annual salary survey for Histotechs usually come out in the Spring
> issue of Laboratory Medicine?  I think I missed it.  Is this info available
> on-line anywhere or can someone direct me to the current salary scales for
> Med-techs, Histotechs, & Immunohistochemists???
> Thank-you
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