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From:Lee & Peggy Wenk <>
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Good for you for studying for the HT 
exam!!! Some tips -

1. Join NSH, because then you can get some
of the following information free. $40 per year.

(for info on things to order, look under

2. Histotechnology Curriculum Outline:
Outline of contents of HT and HTL
exam. Greatly expanded from the ASCP
Free to NSH members. $15 to non-NSH members.

3. H&E guidelines.
Takes you step by step from removal of
tissue from body, to grossing, to fixation,
to processing, to sectioning, to drying,
to staining, and lets you know where along
each step it could go wrong in making a
great H&E, and what it would look like.
Great for learning troubleshooting and
problem solving. Great for day to day
real life H&E problems.
Free to NSH members. $15 to non-NSH members.

4. Health and Safety Resources Material.
List of information about safety in labs.
Free to NSH members. $5 to non-NSH members.

5. NSH Self-Assessment booklets:
Series of 10 booklets (11 and 12 are being
worked on). About 100 multiple choice
questions in each. Lists the questions once.
Then lists it again, states what the correct
answer is, says why it is correct, states
why the others were incorrect. References
listed. Topics: Fixation, Processing/Decal,
Embedding/Sectioning, Routine Staining
(H&E/Giemsa/Theory of Staining), 
EM/IM/ISH/Flow, Microorganism, 
Connective Tissue, Pigments/Minerals,
Nerve and special tissues/cells, 

For NSH members, booklets are $15 each,
disk $10 each, both $20 each.

For non-NSH members, booklets are
$35 each, disks are $40 each, both are
$70 each.

I think the best way to use these is to
study one topic for a week or 2 or more, 
say, microorganisms. When you think you 
know everything there is to know about 
that subject, test yourself with the booklet.
If you know most of the answers and the
reasons, you know enough and can start
learning the next topic, say connective
tissue. If you find you are weak in one
area, say acid fast bacteria, then you
can go back and study more in that area.
If you miss most of the questions, you
better go back and start studying the
section all over again.

6. The Michigan Society of Histotechnologists
(MSH) has a study guide/workbook for the 
HT/HTL exams. It's an outline, with 
worksheets. Good for getting you organized 
and making sure you are finding all the 
material you need to study. It's $20. 
But I don't have the person's address 
here at home where you send the check. 
I'll post that tomorrow, after I get the 
info from work.

Disclaimer: I am a member of NSH and
MSH, and proud of it. No, I don't make
any money from the sales of any of 
these educational materials, but
the organizations do make a little
money, which they use to offer
continuing education to more techs
and techs-to-be.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073 wrote:
> Hello Histo friends,
> Does anyone have any papers, lecture materials, or study aids available for
> sale or trade. I am planning to take the ASCP HT test in Jan. and I already
> have the computer study disk, review books, ect.. I think I have everything I
> need to take the test, but I am learning Histology strictly on the job and
> I'm always looking for material that will make my learning much more clear.
> My city does not have a school of Histology otherwise I would love to attend.
> Any help would be appreciated, or tips on things I should focus my studies
> on. Thanks much in advance.

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