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I'm not sure if the position is open, but I nominate Peggy for "NSH
Membership Chairperson" amongst all her other activities.  Nice job posting
all the advantages Peggy, you must type as fast as your think and talk.
*appreciating grin*

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
(Former 2nd NSH Membership Chairperson)  Ruth Elder was the 1st.....remember

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Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 5:17 PM
Subject: Re: ASCP tips

> Hi
> Good for you for studying for the HT
> exam!!! Some tips -
> 1. Join NSH, because then you can get some
> of the following information free. $40 per year.
> (for info on things to order, look under
> education)
> 2. Histotechnology Curriculum Outline:
> Outline of contents of HT and HTL
> exam. Greatly expanded from the ASCP
> outline.
> Free to NSH members. $15 to non-NSH members.
> 3. H&E guidelines.
> Takes you step by step from removal of
> tissue from body, to grossing, to fixation,
> to processing, to sectioning, to drying,
> to staining, and lets you know where along
> each step it could go wrong in making a
> great H&E, and what it would look like.
> Great for learning troubleshooting and
> problem solving. Great for day to day
> real life H&E problems.
> Free to NSH members. $15 to non-NSH members.
> 4. Health and Safety Resources Material.
> List of information about safety in labs.
> Free to NSH members. $5 to non-NSH members.
> 5. NSH Self-Assessment booklets:
> Series of 10 booklets (11 and 12 are being
> worked on). About 100 multiple choice
> questions in each. Lists the questions once.
> Then lists it again, states what the correct
> answer is, says why it is correct, states
> why the others were incorrect. References
> listed. Topics: Fixation, Processing/Decal,
> Embedding/Sectioning, Routine Staining
> (H&E/Giemsa/Theory of Staining),
> EM/IM/ISH/Flow, Microorganism,
> Connective Tissue, Pigments/Minerals,
> Nerve and special tissues/cells,
> carbohydrates.
> For NSH members, booklets are $15 each,
> disk $10 each, both $20 each.
> For non-NSH members, booklets are
> $35 each, disks are $40 each, both are
> $70 each.
> I think the best way to use these is to
> study one topic for a week or 2 or more,
> say, microorganisms. When you think you
> know everything there is to know about
> that subject, test yourself with the booklet.
> If you know most of the answers and the
> reasons, you know enough and can start
> learning the next topic, say connective
> tissue. If you find you are weak in one
> area, say acid fast bacteria, then you
> can go back and study more in that area.
> If you miss most of the questions, you
> better go back and start studying the
> section all over again.
> 6. The Michigan Society of Histotechnologists
> (MSH) has a study guide/workbook for the
> HT/HTL exams. It's an outline, with
> worksheets. Good for getting you organized
> and making sure you are finding all the
> material you need to study. It's $20.
> But I don't have the person's address
> here at home where you send the check.
> I'll post that tomorrow, after I get the
> info from work.
> Disclaimer: I am a member of NSH and
> MSH, and proud of it. No, I don't make
> any money from the sales of any of
> these educational materials, but
> the organizations do make a little
> money, which they use to offer
> continuing education to more techs
> and techs-to-be.
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI 48073
> wrote:
> >
> > Hello Histo friends,
> > Does anyone have any papers, lecture materials, or study aids available
> > sale or trade. I am planning to take the ASCP HT test in Jan. and I
> > have the computer study disk, review books, ect.. I think I have
everything I
> > need to take the test, but I am learning Histology strictly on the job
> > I'm always looking for material that will make my learning much more
> > My city does not have a school of Histology otherwise I would love to
> > Any help would be appreciated, or tips on things I should focus my
> > on. Thanks much in advance.

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