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From:Terry J Mattoon <>

Hi Don:
I think I know you, I started Histology back in 1975  and became
registered in 1976.
I remember taking a course from Lee Luna at one of the Histology
seminars.  Maybe even the first Histology Seminar at C.W. Post College in
Long Island.  Do you remember Dominick Europa?  I also did OJT and used a
text by Ann Priece to study by.  Things are so much different now, I
guess you can take your exam by computer.  Is this true?
I took my test up in Burlington VT ." Luna " -I have my study questions
that my boss made up for me when I took my exam.  I'd be happy to copy
them off and send them to you if you'd send me your address.  Don is
right , the NSH has a wealth of information.
Good Luck.

On Mon, 05 Jun 2000 20:41:30 -0700 Don Hammer <>
> Luna??
> Hi, you didn't sign your message, so I'm not certain your name is
> "Luna"...but assumed so  from your address.
> Just a note to let you know that in addition to the materials you 
> have
> already, the National Society For Histotechnology has a wealth of 
> study
> material, just incase you were not aware.  You can reach the 
> organization at
> or call Bertie at the Central Office.  (301-262-6221)
> You may not know, but Luna is the last name of one of the main 
> founders of
> NSH and had so much to do with where Histology is today.  Lee Luna 
> lectured,
> gave workshops, wrote books, mentored hundreds of Histotechs, edited
> newsletters, such as "Histologic" and was the driving force behind 
> many
> things we now enjoy.  I am sorry he passed away several years ago, 
> but if
> your name is "Luna" you have a star in heaven watching over your 
> career.
> Even if it's not, I'm pretty sure he will still look out for 
> you.......he
> sure did me!!!  :)
> Best of luck in your exam, if you don't make it the 1st time, just 
> go for it
> again.  I didn't make it the 1st time.  I didn't know Lee at the 
> time.  :)
> Hell, I didn't even know there were such things as Special Stains 
> when I
> took the exam.
> Old Histonetters: Forgive the ole guy, I turned 60 last week and was 
> told I
> have now reached the age where I can say or do anything I want and 
> people
> will just smile and think, Aw, it's OK, he's just an old fart"    
> Hummmmm,
> has age ever held me back??   *Evil Grin*  Man, the name Luna brings 
> back so
> many good memories!!  *warm smile*
> Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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> Subject: ASCP tips
> > Hello Histo friends,
> > Does anyone have any papers, lecture materials, or study aids 
> available
> for
> > sale or trade. I am planning to take the ASCP HT test in Jan. and 
> I
> already
> > have the computer study disk, review books, ect.. I think I have
> everything I
> > need to take the test, but I am learning Histology strictly on the 
> job and
> > I'm always looking for material that will make my learning much 
> more
> clear.
> > My city does not have a school of Histology otherwise I would love 
> to
> attend.
> > Any help would be appreciated, or tips on things I should focus my 
> studies
> > on. Thanks much in advance.
> >
> >

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