[Histonet] Re: IHC workload

From:Brian Chelack

Some great information here, but I am wondering if you have any data
pertaining to the number of slides stained per FTE (full time equivalent)
per year. Another bit of information that would be useful is scope of
staining performed by the average lab; that is, how many different stains
are in their repertoire? The workload in a lab that runs 50,000 of the same
stain is entirely different from a lab that runs 500 slides of each of 100
different stains. Finally, how responsible are the techs for examination of
the slides. Do they simply run the stains and ship everything out for the
pathologists, do they examine the controls only, or do they run an initial
visual screening of the cases? Each of these options changes the workload
for the techs and the pathologists dramatically.




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