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I don't have an answer, but will post this to the histonet.  You should
consider subscribing.  I assume you are not presently in the market for
a self decontamininating crystat that cycle itself every night and be
ready in the morning?

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Subject:Cryostat Decontamination

Question:I work in a small hospital histology lab. Until recently we
used chlorhexidine digluconate in 70% ETOh to decontaminate our cryostat
at -14C.  CAP now says we need to disinfect with 70% and also
decontaminate with a tuberculocidal at an interval appropriate to our
facility.  How do you determine what is appropriate?  Number of routine
cases cut on a cryostat?  We have never had anything that is suspected
of T.B., or HIV being cut on our cryostat. Is decontaminating 1 every 3
months okay or once a year?  We need to shut this thing down over a
weekend and that is another probelem with OR scheduling and no backup
instrument .  HElP!!  Donna Rossi (ASCP) Histosupervisor Sharon Regional
Health System

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