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From:Aidan Schurr

Interestingly, we have been using the KP tape for about 12 months now, and have not struck this once since the switch.  Our Pathologists believe it is superior optically as well.

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>>> "Hall, John"  24/07/2002 >>>
Stuart Lamonby

The drying artefact you describe may be similar to the one we experience. It
affects mainly connective tissues (cartilage, bone & collagen) and keratin
but may occur in any tissues. Thick cytopreps are particularly affected.
I believe this is the same artefact previously discussed on Histonet as
"cornflaking artefact".
>From our experience do not waste your time (in our case many months)trying
to resolve the problem by looking at your reagents and procedures. The
coverslipper is unlikely to be the problem either. Bayer engineers in
Australia spent months looking for a mechanical cause without success. 
The artefact can be eliminated by removing the film then re-coverslipping.
The problem is with the tape.
In our lab the problem appeared suddenly and could be traced back to the
delivery of a new batch of tape (November 2000).
We were told initially that the problem was restricted to our lab but as we
are a reference centre we were able to review slides from many other labs to
find that it is a common problem. I suspect many labs are not reviewing all
their slides and so are unaware of the extent of the problem. When
questioned, our Pathologists confirmed that they often see this artefact in
slides from many labs.
While we have no formal acknowledgement that the fault is with the tape,
Bayer have conceded that it is not a machine problem.
Bayer began supplying us with fresh batches of tape as they arrived in
Australia. Nothing changed and the artefact persists.
Bayer did provide us with one sample roll of tape from Sakura (?R&D)which
showed no artefact in any slides coverslipped but this was a one off and
they have been unable to supply us with this tape on an ongoing basis.
Tape from an alternative supplier (Klinipath in the Netherlands) also shows
this drying artefact and when I discussed this problem with their company
representatives they were aware of the artefact but considered it to be
inherent in tape coverslipping.
I am sure that Sakura and Bayer are aware of the problem but have not so far
resolved it, at least not to this customers satisfaction.

John Hall
Senior Scientist
Anatomical Pathology
Alfred Hospital
Commercial Road, Prahran, Victoria, 3181, Australia

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