endometrial curettings

From:Susan Owens

We currently use the 'mesh' cassettes for curettings and any/all other small
They are a little costly compared to reg.cassettes, but well  worth the
extra expense when
you consider the time saved both in the gross room and for the embedding

If you can't get the mesh cassettes, then get a few pads of 'Lens Paper'
from Allegiance, Fisher, etc...Cut each sheet into fourths for use. Wetting
the paper before adding bloody material usually helps.....Also, any paper
must be folded correctly or you will have some of your material floating out
of the paper only to contaminate other specimens..Bloody material, cell
blocks,etc. are bad about coming out of the folded paper. If one has a
processor that floods the solutions in and out of the holding tank, you will
fine that the action of the liquid coming back into the tank can cause the
papers to balloon out allowing tiny fragments to work their way out of the
paper to be lost forever, or worst, fine their way into nearby cassettes
...Not a good thing.

My money is with the 'mesh' cassettes. Best invention since chocolate.
Have to go, time for my dog's insulin shot.

Susan Owens,HT


Date: 23 Jul 2002 08:22:15 -0500
From: "Vickroy, Jim" 
Subject: Papers for endometrial curettings

When we are grossing endometrial curettings we have been using a tissue
paper to wrap the specimens and then place in a cassette.
Now everything sticks to the paper which is a real pain when at the
embedding center. The tissue paper we use is also used for hair
permanents. Does anybody have any ideas that work great?

Jim Vickroy
Memorial Medical Center
Springfield, IL

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