To All Researchers

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

All Cheating and Other Wanna-Be Researchers are hereby called upon to sign
the following pledge.

	I, ___________--------__________----_________ promise that I will
NEVER again ask a colleague or assistant or any other professional to
perform a method for which I have NO protocol, unless it is clear that the
protocol already exists in the lab or in a reasonably accessible location
which I present with the request.  As a REAL researcher, I recognize my
responsibility to collect and understand my own citations and methods unless
I specifically ask another professional for help in that regard, thereby
admitting that I lack the ability to do it myself while I am learning from
him or her.

Then sign it and post it on your office doors.  Dolts!  Daddi, Indeed!!!
Daddi published in the 1890's according to Gray.

Who trains these persons?

Cheers to all professional who are beset by and burdened with the Wanna-Bees
of this world,

Fred, an almost used-to-be!

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