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From:Melissa Jensen

Sarah..We don't work in the same facility...How do you have my Boss?!!
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> Gayle,
> It was not my intention to bash Medical Technologists, although there may
> have been a bit of bashing of this particular know-it-all!  You would
> probably have to have known her to know that, although I thought I
> it when I quoted her. My intention was, instead of bashing, to throw out
> some levity to try to quell another uprising I felt was on the horizon.
> apology to any Med Techs who took my humor in the same way as Gayle.
> Sarah
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> As with anyone coming in for the first time, did anyone show her how to do
> it properly, warn her about where section was located to avoid this
> problem.  If not, then the fault was not entirely hers as you allowed her
> to mess up.  Reminder would have helped to not wipe off sections, and she
> would not have messed up as coverslipping is not difficult but does
> care to retain the section.  Then med techs would not have been bashed in
> your message!
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