Re: SV: Bone Marrow Iron Stain.


or perhaps you forgot to pray to the gods of histotechnique

Nina Malja wrote:

> It must have been The Lab Ghost... It visited us as well earlier this year.
> The Lab Ghost then gave us troubles with DAB staining of bone marrow smears
> and we never really figured it out. After checking out all our reagents,
> temperatures, pH et cetera, we still didn't get any wiser...We even tried a
> completely different methodology by using a DAKO kit. (The doctors didn't
> like the result the kit gave so we couldn't use that either...) Now we are
> back to were we started - with our old procedure working as it should again.
> We are making our own giemsa stain now though. We think it might have been
> wrong pH in the old giemsa we used, but that has never been verified. I bet
> it was The Lab Ghost. Whenever something is wrong and we can't figure out
> why - it's The Lab Ghost visiting again.  ;-)
> Have a wonderful summer all!!  :-)
> Nina Malja
> Coagulation lab.
> Rikshospitalet, Oslo
> Norway
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> Fra: Tom McNemar []
> Sendt: 1. juli 2002 12:26
> Til: 'Baker, Christine';
> Emne: RE: Bone Marrow Iron Stain.
> We had the same problem... Never really resolved it.  We tried many
> different reagents, a couple of different methods, and anything else I could
> think of.  Even went back to making up our own reagents.  The control was
> always beautiful.  We are now using Richard Allen's Chromoview (from
> Allegiance) and are getting good results.
> I sure wish I knew what was going on.  We hadn't changed anything.... Had
> been working fine for years.  I'll be interested to see other responses....
> Good luck!
> Tom Mc Nemar HT(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
> Licking Memorial Hospital
> Newark, Ohio

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