IHC for Glutaraldehyde fixed tissue?

From:"Miller, Janet"

Hello.  I have some old cat brain tissue that was fixed in 2% Glutaraldehyde
and 2% paraformeldehyde in PBS, then paraffin embedded.  As one would
expect, we are having trouble trying to do any immunohistochemistry on the
tissue, cut in 8 um sections.  We are currently attempting to do GFAP
staining without success.  I have tried to 'break apart' the glutaraldehyde
bonds with a 1% Triton X solution for 10 min.  This seemed to help a little
bit, but it is still not sufficient.  I was wondering if anyone out there
has had any luck with staining tissue of this nature, or is it a lost cause?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thank you very much!


Janet Miller
Department of Neurosurgery
Wayne State University School of Medicine

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