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From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

Go ahead an put slides in it. People need to see what we do. And blocks,
too. Make up fake slides and blocks, so they aren't really someone's
diagnostic tissues.

Have photos of the people in your lab doing things. Show there is a face to
the lab.

Old knife vs. blade? Forceps. Alcohol burner. Other small pieces of

Will they allow tissue in 70% alcohol? Gall stones are always interesting to
people. Piece of normal lung and lung black with carbon and with cancer
makes a point. Normal kidney vs one from someone with high blood pressure is
good (small, pitted). Normal liver vs. cirrhotic.

Have any old histology books, with pictures? Atlases?

National Medical Lab Week poster from ASCP. Or the poster from NSH - the Art
and Science of Histotechnology. Maybe the NSH Coloring Book.

There are some companies out there with really colorful posters. Thermo
Shandon has a calendar poster with tissue photos from histotechs on it.
Anatech Ltd. has a calendar with H&E's. Ventana has really neat "mosaics"
posters made from IHC pictures. I'm sure the Histonetters can come up with
more companies with other posters.

Can you find photos of old vs. new microscopes?

Make it a theme, and change the theme periodically - cancer awareness,
alcoholism awareness, skin cancer (use your sun screen) awareness.

Advertise histotech schools. Is the one in Ocean County College still
running in NJ? Get information from programs.

Advertise ASCP, NSH, your state society, NAACLS (histotech program
accrediting agencies).

Boy - Do I envy you having a display case. Have fun with it.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> I was asked to coordinate our display case for the histology department.
> will be a permanent display next to the lab.I was told not to put slides
> since I cannot put microscope in the display case.  I need any
> suggestions.....
> Thanks a lot,
> Nena Dimaano,MT/HT(ASCP)
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