Re: Nerve staining for human fetuses

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I would avoid using a strong acid decalcifier aka HCl or nitric, and it may
take less decalcification, depending on the age of the fetus.  A buffered
formic acid would be acceptable, and EDTA would be even better IF you have
time to wait for 
EDTA to decalcify.  I would also do endpoint determinations when using
formic acid to insure your precious spines are not overexposed to acid, and
ruin the needed immunostaining.  

At 09:22 AM 7/4/00 +1200, you wrote:
>I have some precious human fetal tissue (fixed in formaldehyde) 
>and I'm interested in doing some staining before I start immuno 
>work.   I'm working on the spine so the sections will need to be 
>decalicifed beforehand.  
>Any comments most welcome
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