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PowerPath 2000 comes with about 10 reports and the company is updating their
reports on a continuing basis. There were three reports that never work
quite correctly with the system. Overall the system is dependable and easy
to use. Crystal Reports 6.0 must be use when writing your own reports. A
user's manual can be order from Seagate Systems along with a instructional

 The new client-server version of CoPath is the best system on the market
for medium to large laboratories. The report writer is simple to use and
Crystal Reports 7.0 or 8.0, Visual Basic, SQL writer or Visual C++ can be
use to write and/or modify reports or queries. If you are using Sunquest,
CoPath may be the better option.The hardest part of this system is the data
dictionaries and 
setting up the system.

Good Luck

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