Re: stolen lab equipment

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From:Amos Brooks <>
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    Not all thieves are drug addicts or dealers. There is some money to be made refurbishing old lab equipment. Not to mention the overhead costs of setting up a new lab. If this person is ever caught you'll probably find he/she is a very bright person and knew exactly what to do with the equipment. Either they have a small independent lab or they are selling the equipment as refurbished.

Amos Brooks

Joyce Kotzuk wrote:

> My question is, what is this guy doing with the stuff he steals. I mean, I can see maybe alcohol, some idiots may actually drink that, and sniff the xylene. But old embedding centers and microtomes hardly seem like the type of thing one could sell for very much money. I could see if he was walking off with computers, or even electronic balances (used to weigh drugs), but microtomes???
> Joyce

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