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From:Jim Staruk <> (by way of histonet)
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Yes, I wrote a paper on it!  I'll send you a copy if you send me your
James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
Mass Histology Service

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From: Karen S Pawlowski <>
To: Histonet <>
Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 11:51 AM
Subject: Hematoxylin and histoclear

>Hi all,
>My boss just noticed in the 1985 edition of Cellular Pathology Technique,
>Culling, Allison and Barr eds., that food oil derivatives, such as
>histoclear, will cause "haematoxylin" staining to rapidly fade.  Is this
>true?  I have been having problems with hematoxylin fading for quite some
>time and I use histoclear in my paramount all the time. 'Tho I began (8
>years ago) by using xylene, and I think those faded just as much.
>If histoclear does cause the stain to fade, are there any other
>substitutes for xylene that would work?
>Thanks in advance for your input.
>Karen Pawlowski
>Sr Research Assoc./UT Southwestern Med Ctr.
>PhD Candidate/ UT Dallas

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