re:Staining cells

From:David Van Reyk

Hiya SeonaCherie,

Wjat sort of culture dish are you working with?

Depending on your cells and culture conditions you have options which could include

(i) using purpose built chamber slides. This are essential tissue culture chambers where the base is a slide that can be processed as usual you can get plastic and glass slides which you may or may not need to coat depending on how well your cells stick to a surface. NUNC is one company that comes to mind

(ii) place coverslips in the tissue culture wells and then process the coverslips. Once again you may have to consider pre-coating the coverslips say with poly-L-lysine or collagen

(iii) depending on how hardy your cells you could trypsinise or physically  scrape the cells off the dish surface and embed them like any other tissue

My experience has been doing immunostaining using both (i) and (ii)

Best wishes,


Dr David van Reyk,
Dept Health Sciences,University of Technology,Sydney,

Date: 30 Jan 2003 11:36:44 -0600
From: SeonaCherie Hansen 
Subject: Staining cells

Does anyone out there have a procedure for staining cultured cells in the
culture dish? We will be doing an Alizrin Red, an O Red O, Masson Trichrome
and Alkaline Phosphotase.

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