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Re: Masson Trichrome stain Dear Ian,

   Lucky you! I moved from Oxford, where the water falls out of the tap in chunks and blueing was a matter of a couple of minutes in tap water, to Vancouver, where the water is like silk and we have to use saturated lithium carbonate to get any result at all.

Lesley Weston.

on 29/01/2003 6:45 AM, Ian Montgomery at wrote:

       Have to disagree with you regarding soft water areas. Here in sunny Glasgow the water is as soft as a babies bottom and it blues haematoxylin beautifully. In 36 years I've never used or had to use a tap water substitute. I think  Carolyn has another wee problem.

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> You have probably thought of this, but just in case - how are you blueing
> the haematoxylin? If you are in a soft-water area, tap water alone won't
> work; you need to use lithium carbonate or Scott's tap-water substitute,
> some other alkaline mix.
> Lesley Weston.
> on 28/01/2003 4:14 AM, Demarinis,Carolyn at cdemarinis@SARATOGACARE.ORG
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> > Each time we perform a Masson Trichrome stain, the nuclei are bright
red.  I
> > have used Polyscientific and Sigma kits, with both Weigerts and Harris
> > Hematoxylin.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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