: Drill press??? RE: Job Opening - Seattle

From:Linda Jenkins

	You triggered a very funny memory of when I applied for my current 
position in a bone research lab.  Upon being given a tour of the lab, I 
became very worried as I didn't see a microtome anywhere in the so-called 
histology lab...there was a huge assortment of band-saws, cut-off machines, 
grinders and sanders and, yes, drill presses.  It dawned on me that perhaps 
a course in machine shop techniques might be more helpful than my HT 
certificate.  Fortunately, I did find the microtome stuck back in a corner.
	But, to answer your question, I would surmise they need someone 
experienced with a drill press for the same reason I use it...to drill 
holes in undecalcified bones to aid in fixation.

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