RE: Food colorings in histology

From:"Nader, Alexander"

> We have stained sections with Mulberry juice using Aluminiun Ammonium 
> Sulphate as a mordant.It stained nucleii blue-black. I have just dug out 
> those sections (Oct 1978) and looked at them, and they are still fine.
> have faded but the chromatin pattern is still discernable.

Black elder (elderberry, Sambucus nigra) was used sometimes instead of
haematoxylin in Germany and Austria but I have no idea what it contains.
It's still used for marmelade (I actually prefer Grandma's brand) and for
"colour-intensification" of (cheap) red wine. It stains VERY WELL,
especially white shirts and silk ties ;-)

Dr. Alexander Nader
Path. Institut Hanuschkrankenhaus
A-1140 Vienna

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