orienting small tissues

From:Michelle Peiffer <mlk101@psu.edu>

Hi all,

We have  just setting up our histology lab and are now beginning processing
in ernest.  We are looking at mouse tissues and some quite small ones at
that (thyroid and adrenal glands from newborn mice).  Does anyone have
helpful hints for orienting these small tissues in the paraffin blocks?
The tissues are so small they tend to float away and especially with the
thyroid, we are looking for a specific orientation.  Currently we add warm
paraffin to a warm mold, insert the tissue, hold it in place with a wooden
pick until the paraffin begins to set then place the cassette on top, fill
the mold, and allow to set.  Please tell me there is an easier, more
reliable way.

Thanks for all you help.
Michelle Peiffer
Electron Microscope Facility for the Life Sciences
Penn State University Biotechnology Institute
001 South Frear Lab
University Park PA 16802

phone: 814-865-0212
email:  mlk101@psu.edu

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