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Thanks for your inquiry:

>The Histonet is wondering how to detox DAB.  Consensus is KMnO4 and H2SO4.
>No concentrations are given.  Can you please help?

There are two general methods of disposal:

1) To 10ml of an aqueous solution containing less than 0.9mg/ml DAB, add 
5ml of 0.2M KMNO4 and 5ml of 2M H2SO4. After standing for at least 10hr, 
decolorize with sodium metabisulfite and make strongly basic by adding 
10M KOH solution. The solution is diluted and filtered to remove 
manganese compounds which should be discarded with solid hazardous waste 
as they may be carcinogenic. The filtrate is neutralized and discraded. 

2) To each liter of aqueous solution (pH5-7) containing less than 
100ug/ml DAB, add 3 ml of 3% H2O2 and 300 units of horseradish peroxidase 
and allow to stand for 3hr. Remove the precipitate by filtration through 
a porous glass filter and immerse the filter in a 1:1 mixture of 0.2M 
KMNO4 and 2M H2SO4. To the filtrate, add 100ml 5% ascorbic acid to each 
liter and discard.

See: Destruction of Hazardous Chemicals in the Laboratory, 2nd Edition, 
by Lunn, G. and Sansone, E.B., 1994, John Wiley & Sons.

We hope this is helpful.


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