frozen section morphology

From:"Instrumedics, Inc." <>

Vanessa asked about fixation for frozen sections. The fixative is very
important. However, what is equally important in preserving the morphology
is the freezing process. Snap-freezing produces smaller, less damaging ice
crystals. We developed the Gentle-Jane method to minimize ice-crystal

Another factor is melting of the section when mounting it on a room
temperature slide. Melting the unfixed section degrades the quality! The
tape-transfer process permits you to support and capture a section on a cold
tape and to transfer it to a cold slide . The section remains frozen until
it is either freeze-dried, freeze-substituted or immersed in a fixative. The
morphology is preserved!
The "gallery" on our web site has photomicrographs of frozen sections
prepared with the CryoJane tape-transfer method. We invite you to visit the


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