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I would call Zeiss.   I know they could dismantle the Zeiss and they could
probably dismantle and pack the ISI as well.    We are currently moving our
scope and the company that services it is coming to take it apart for the
move.    Although, after it is dismantled a moving company is coming to move
the scope and then the service guy will come and reset it up.
Hope this helps.

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> Here's an unusual request.There is a movie production studio out here on
> the
> East End of Long Island that has two electron microscopes which they use
> to
> produce special effects for science fiction flicks. One is a Zeiss DSM 960
> SEM and the other is an ISI (international Scientific Instruments) SX-48
> SEM. They need to dismantle these and move them to California. Does anyone
> know of a technician or service company that they can hire to  oversee and
> supervise the dismantling of these instruments? Also,is anyone familiar
> with
> ISI- have they gone out of business? Thanks for your help.
> Jeff Silverman

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