RE: Prostates

Jennifer Englin asked:

"I am  wondering how other labs section radical prostates.  Meat slicer, scaple, etc.?  We currently use a scaple and the sections really very in thickness just wondering what's out there?

Any vendors welcome."

I use a sharp ham knife exclusively nowadays, whether I am cutting a bowel, breast, prostate or skin biopsy.
The criteria for a cutting knife are that it should be long, have a straight cutting edge, be rigid, and be sharp, (probably in that order of importance). If you are incapable of getting a knife almost as sharp as a disposable microtome blade, use the latter.

BTW, I obtained from USA some interesting gadgets which consisted of two parallel blades set a block thicness apart. Wonderful idea. Execution.... pathetic. The blades are so flimsy that they splay outwards when you cut the block, and you end up with a Brontosaurus!

Terry L Marshall
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire

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