RE: Which H&E?

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Richard Allen makes a non mercuric  Harris - 7211. It's the next best thing,
I think.

I like the instant eosin that Shandon carries. If you need vendor numbers
just let me know! J:>)
Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	Subject:	Which H&E?

	Hello Netters,

	I'm trying to brighten up my H&E stain.  It's been suggested that I
switch from
	Gill's #2 hematoxylin to Harris' hematoxylin.  I'm hesitant to do
this, simply
	because I'm loathe to use mercuric oxide if it can be avoided.  Will
this change make
	a big difference in the quality of my staining?  (I'm staining adult

	Also, it's been recommended that I switch to an eosin containing a
higher percentage
	of alcohol.  This is no problem, but are there problems I might
encounter by making
	this switch?

	Karen in Oregon

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