Re: Tyrosine Hydroxylase

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From:Donna Simmons <> (by way of histonet)
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I suggest you contact the technical advisors at the company who provides
your antibody.  They may have a toll-free phone line or a webpage for
queries.  If they don't sell samples of adsorbing antigen  to use with
their antisera, they may know where you can order it.  They should also
provide information about the exact antigen, antigen/protein conjugate, or
antigen epitope used to produce the product you purchase.  You may find
that they have tested the antibody with adsorbtion controls as part of
their in-house quality control procedures.  Perhaps you can use their data
if you cannot find a source of the antigen.
In the past, I've have purchased good TH antisera [polyclonal and
monoclonal] from Chemicon and Pelfreez.  Both are US companies.  They might
be able to help you, if your antibody source company cannot.  email me for
specific contact information if you need it.
Good luck! -Donna
>Date: 10 Jan 2000 02:16:12 -0600
>From: German Pinzon-Duarte <>
>Subject: Tyrosine Hydroxylase
>Hallo Histonetters,
>Does anyone of you know where I could get tyrosine
>hydroxylase from?
>We are using a TH-monoclonal-antibody and we would
>like to do
>experiments using the TH-enzyme or its functional
>epitope to exclude
>in our immunocytochemical experiments.

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