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From:David Taylor Manager <DTMan@KINGMOWER.COM.AU> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Cheryl,

We have 2 Leica RM2135 microtomes in service. One for about 1.5 years and
the other for 3.

There was a change to the safety guard between purchases which i feel leaves
the newer model

a tad more dangerous. We have learned to live with the more exposed knife
and love them both dearly.

Apart from the usual stuff we routinely cut paraffin embedded bone (cores -
head of femur) and marine creatures,

reptiles, birds bits, etc. for a vet path firm.

This model is the non motorised variety but i would not expect them to be
any less wonderful.

David Taylor
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Aust.

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