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	Dear Ahme,

	Yes.  But, the processing of the tissue to paraffin extracts most
if not
all the lipids in the tissue, so the image generally looks much more
open/clear than if the tissue was properly prepared for EM examination.
Having said that I have in the past on several occassions had the need to
examine paraffinised tissue in the EM, & depending on the particular
feature you wish to see, the results can be of significant use.  Generally
speaking if what you want is present on the microscpe slide you should be
able to abtain some information about it from an EM grid.  It is possible
to use the section on the microscope slide as you tissue sample.  Whether
you are using a tissue section or a sample from a block, treat it as a
fresh EM specimen (after deparaffinising), & process as per normal.


	Rob W.

At 08:03 AM 9/12/98 +0500, you wrote:
>Can anyone tell me about the issue sriking my mind ..
>Can Electron microscopy be done on formalin fixed paraffin emebedded tissue.

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