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        the answer is yes an no depending on what you need to identify in the
final image.
Back in the early 40s, wedge shaped sections as thin as 0.1 microns were cut.
Generally this involved processing with harder waxes or double embedding and
then some sophisticated sectioning techniques such as attaching the knife to a
centrifuge rotor arm. It was only in 1948 that methacrylate was introduced.
The early images showed many of the organelles but the sections were often
shaped and lacked the resolution for critical evaluation.
If you are going to use tissue that has already been embedded, then you will
need to first reduce its size and I would then recommend dewaxing and
reembedding in resin. This will dramatically improve your sectioning ability.
The fixation while it will not be ideal will still permit identification of
structures such as mitochondria, nuclei, some membranes etc.  In formalin fixed
tissue reprocessed for EM there will be some changes which will not be
distinguishable from some pathologic changes.
If you are comparing this tissue for its pathological changes then I would irst
recommend that you first pour yourself a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and then
collect new specimens part for light and part for EM fixation.
If you are contemplating this then call me when you have opened the bottle of
There are some procedures which can be used for both LM and EM but I will leave
that for the individuals who have more current expertise in this area to

"Dr. Naseem" wrote:

> Can anyone tell me about the issue sriking my mind ..
> Can Electron microscopy be done on formalin fixed paraffin emebedded tissue.
> Ahme

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