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From:Laurie Popp

Hi all... Happy Tuesday

Pregnancy seems to be in the water in our lab, I have a happy ( although 
not so happy today due to teething) 6 month old, our QC person just 
delivered on Valentine's day, our histology instructor delivered the 
week after new year's, and we have 3 more pregnant currently within our 
lab.  We also have been in the process of remodeling our space and 
moving into new areas.  All of our techs do everything within the lab 
from specials all the way through to grossing and right now because of 
some design flaws the pregnant techs are restricted from grossing due to 
ventilation issues with the new downdraft tables in gross cutting.  When 
I was pregnant I let my physician know that I was working in histology 
and what chemicals I was exposed to.  I tried to limit my exposure to 
formalin, B5 ( we use this on our bone marrows), and some of the 
different staining solutions ( zenker's and so on) and when I did have 
to work in those areas I made sure to follow universal precautions and 
wore appropriate PPE.  One of the docs that I was working with has a sub 
specialty in chemical exposures during pregnancy and told me that this 
would be acceptable as I was a student during my pregnancy so I had to 
rotate through all areas of the lab prior to completing my course.

( I should also add I was high risk but it would behoove anyone  to 
communicate workplace information with  their OB/GYN when they first 
find out they are expecting).   I spent a lot of time cutting and 
embedding :-)

Laurie Popp
HT ( ASCP) Mayo Clinic

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