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From:"Janice Mahoney"

We have implemented LEAN in my laboratory and have seen remarkable
I will be speaking at the New Mexico regional National Meeting in June
about our experience.  I hope you can attend.
We cut TAT, reduced space, reduced cost and continue to make
improvements.  AP is different but the principles can be applied
Jan Mahoney
Alegent Health
Omaha, NE

Janice Mahoney
Histology/Cytology Coordinator
Alegent Health Laboratory
4955 F Street
Omaha, NE 68117

>>> Jesus Ellin  02/19/2008 10:28 AM >>>
Was wondering if anyone can share with me experiences were your lab
gone through the LEAN process,,, shots coming, pit fall,, road blocks,
or even improvements.  Currently our organization is under going a
culture change, as we are seen through out health care and we are
asked (TOLD) to embrance theses concepts,, been through lean trainging
for the clinical lab, but really see histology as a different animal.
So wanting to get some adive on this portion of the lab.

Jesus Ellin   HT/PA  ASCP
Yuma Regional Medical Center 

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