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Doesn't Hummason's Histotechnique manual have this in it?  Not attacking, just trying to provide a helpful reference!  
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After Eosin:

10 - 15 seconds in distillate water
Quick steps for 50, 75, 95%  ETOH (they remove Eosin)
About 20 - 30 seconds for 100% ETOH ( for each step of two. You could stop
longer in this alcohol than the other ones above)

Pay attention!!! That procedure is coming from me: an amateur naturalist.
I think it would be better for you to lissen the opinions of the "guru"
Histologysts of this ML too!!!

Best Regards,


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> Hi Everyone,
>  This is a basic question.
>  How long are tech leaving slides in 95% and 100% ETOH after eosin. I feel
> we are in too long but would like to get other ideas.
>  Our slides have been very washed out, little to no contrast.
>  I appreciate your help
>  Eileen C. Dusek
>  Edward Hospital
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