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Thank you for the correction of CD Rom vs. disk.  It has been out of sight
for so long, I didn't recall correctly and I apologize for any confusion.
The Board of Registry (ASCP) can be reached at  or
e-mail them at
It is unfortunate that this disk is temporarily unavailable, because I sure
have received a lot of e-mails about it.


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> Dear Judith and others,
> As of yesterday, the ASCP BOR staff tells me that there is no CD available
> for the HT/HTL exam review. There was an older edition of an examination
> review that came with a diskette that could be used for practice, but that
> has been discontinued due to its being outdated. A new one is being
> developed, but is not marketed yet. I'm told that even the new one will
> be in CD format, rather still diskette. Please check with the ASCP press
> others at the BOR for updates on its availability.
> Good luck to you in your study and examination endeavors.
> Sincerely,
> Glenda F. Hoye, B.S., HT(ASCP)
> Histotechnology Program Director
> Indiana University School of Allied Health Sciences
> Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119
> 317-278-1599
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> Nancy,
> ASCP's Board of Registry sells a CD Rom program that behaves the same as
> CAT exam that the tech already took.  It is multiple-choice and increases
> difficulty with correctly answered questions.  It has photographs.  It
> calculates a score for you at the end of your "mock" exams so that you may
> monitor improvement. It also gives you the correct answers and references
> when you miss a question.  It scrambles or randomly selects questions so
> that you don't memorize the same one everytime you see it. It has both HT
> and HTL levels available in the one CD Rom (you get to select which
> each time you "start-up".  I used this prior to my exam and found it very
> helpful.
> I used all of the NSH materials, both written and computer disks, they're
> helpful as each group (ASCP, MSH, NSH) has a slightly different focus.
> Michigan Study Guide that Peggy mentioned was the backbone of my studying.
> It takes a lot of time to complete all of the templates and questions, and
> at least 5 different text/references books, but it helps you to organize
> your knowledge and clearly points out your weak areas. NSH has Peggy
> teleconference available regarding how to take the HT/HTL Exam.  This too,
> is very important in organizing your studying.  I joined NSH, New York
> State's Histotechnological Society and the Vermont/New Hampshire State
> Society.  I went to as many meetings and symposiums as I could.  I met
> kind and wonderful people that offered to help (and did).  I studied for 1
> year before I sat for the ASCP CAT exam, but I only had to take it once.
> This mass media approach worked for me, your tech will have to see what
> works best for them.  Wish her/him good luck from me!
> Judy  LaDuc, BS HTL(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
> Adirondack Medical Center
> Saranac Lake, NY 12983
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> Subject: ASCP Registry exam study material
> > Does anyone have a suggestion for current study guide material for the
> > registry exam?  A tech in the lab I work in didn't pass last time and
> > the NSH material.  Is there anything else out there that worked for
> > who DID pass?
> > Thanks
> > Nancy
> >
> >

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