Re: IHC Question

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    I have restained H&Es many times (you don't even have to bother
destaining them usually). I have also done this on AB-PAS stained slides
too. I've never had a problem with it, unless there was too much (any)
adhesive in the float bath when the slides were originally cut. But, even
this just leaves a haze on the slide surface, the stain was OK.
Amos Brooks

Luis Chiriboga wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I think this may have come up before but since I am not sure I thought I
> would post it again.
> Is there any method to remove prior substrate (DAB) signal from a
> slide?  How successful is everyone in re-staining (IHC) previously
> biologically stained slides?
> Thanks in advance
> Luis

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