From:"Molinari, Betsy" <BMolinari@heart.thi.tmc.edu>

Hi Histonetters,
I have recently started using Histogel. I follow the directions and use it
with Histoscreens. I do not have the incubator or the chill block. I keep
the histogel liquid in a beaker of H2O and maintain a temp of 50-55C and use
a cold plate. The problem I am having is when I put the histogel over the
specimen it leaks thru the histoscreen instead of staying in a bubble. Does
anyone have any suggestions. I spoke to the vendor and she suggested
dampening the histoscreen to provide surface tension, that did not work, to
check my temps, they were okay. Then she said the chilling block the company
suggests would probably do the trick. Any idea or suggestions.
Betsy Molinari
Texas Heart Institute

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