Re: Immunostaining Mouse Liver

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From:Joyce Kotzuk <>,
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I don't know about the antibodies, but Vector also has a mouse on mouse (MOM) kit for using mouse monoclonal antibodies on mouse tissue. It really helped me work out some nice immuno for antibodies to cytochrome oxidase subunits; easy to use and doesn't take much time (they recommend 30 mins. in primary, 10 minutes in secondary, and 5 mins. in ABC reagent. I changed it to overnight in primary, 30 mins. in secondary and 10 mins. in ABC for convenience.) Give it a try, it's in their latest catalog.
Joyce Kotzuk, Univ. of New Mexico pathology dept.

>>> Trevor Jorgensen <> 02/24/00 07:26AM >>>
We are interested in staining formalin fixed, paraffin embedded mouse
liver for B-cells and T-cells.  While monoclonals are available for
frozen sections, (pharmingen among others) we have not located any which
are recommended for use with fixed material.
Has anyone had any experience (preferably with CD3 and CD19 or CD20 ) in
this situation?  How about with DAKO's ARK and using mouse against

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