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The best source that I know of is the neonatal units of local hospitals.
Foreskin is a discarded tissue (no patient consent needed), and is the
primary source of material for most dermatology research groups.  Generally
it takes a brief protocol describing how to collect the tissue, and what it
will be used for to satisfy the IRB of the hospital.  Back in my 'skin'
days, we wrote a blanket protocol to cover collection for histological
evaluation as well as for cell culturing needs.  There are many references
in the literature regarding techniques for collection and culture of
foreskin fibroblasts, melanocytes, keratinocytes, and even langerhans cells
that could be cited in the protocol.

Hope this helps- of course if you're looking for adult foreskin, that's a
whole different thing !


Michael Archambault
Research Scientist
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc
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> Hello Everyone,
> We have a client who is looking for foreskin tissue. Does anybody know of
> a
> source?
> Thanks,
> Matthew Ogdie
> InnoGenex
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