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From:Louise Taylor <>
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Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my query.

	Where is the background - just generalized throughtout the section
or in specific cells? -

 I am working on muscle biopsies - so there are few other cells to compare
to - but the nuclei are clean.

 I would not hesitate to use 3%BSA as a protein block
as well as blocking for endogenous peroxidase. I have also found that
background can be decreased by monitoring the substrate time and
concentration as well.
I am optimising  concentration -  the background is consistent throughout
the dilution ranges.

Bottom line is the signal to noise ratio and how
perfect you would like it to be. I like perfection but am unable to attain
it in every stain.

Louise taylor
Cynthia Favara
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Hamilton, MT 59840
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