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Rande Kline
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Hi Patty,

You can prepare a blood smear on a regular slide.  You should let the slide
air-dry thoroughly before fixing this will allow the cells to adhere to the
slide and prevent the blood from washing off.  Letting them dry completely is a
very important step.

You haven't mentioned what type of staining you are doing.  If it is a
Romanowsky stain such as Wright or Giemsa than methanol for 30 seconds to 1
minute should work fine.

Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)
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"Bourassa, Patricia" <> on 12/14/99 07:45:54

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Subject:  Fixation of Smears

Hi, all!

Not sure if this can be done, but here goes.  We want to make a blood smear
onto a slide and then fix it ASAP.  Can this be done without the smeared
cells falling off the slide?  Thanks!

-Patti Bourassa
 Pfizer, Groton

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