Beecher Instruments Micro-Array and CryoJane Adhesive Tape Sec tioning

From:SeonaCherie Hansen

Do any of you have experience with the Beecher Instruments Micro-Array equipment?
I need help with these problems:
    1) Setting the core depth on the donor needle to match the recipient block.
    2) Getting sample throughout the core when the tissue in the donor block has different depths.
CryoJane Adhesive Tape Sectioning
    1) How long do you leave the laminated slide in the TCP solvent before removing the tape?
        I've tried removing it right away, which is  what the directions seems to advise, and then up         to one hour.
    2)The tape, at all time periods, comes off taking cores with it. There  is also some                     adhesive left on the slides which obscures what cores I have left.
Thank you for the help.
SeonaCherie Hansen
University of Minnesota

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