RE: formalin / xylene monitoring

You can obtain a range of badges from Surgipath Europe Limited to monitor
formaldehyde,xylene,toluene,isopropanol and glutaraldehyde. The price quoted
includes analysis. We have used the formaldehyde monitoring badges. These
change colour and the exposure level(TWA)can simply and easily be calculated
by matching the colour obtained to a standard chart provided in the kit. All
the badges are sold in boxes of 6 and cost 110 plus VAT. The web address is and Email is so I hope this
information helps.

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Subject: formalin / xylene monitoring

Hi everybody,
This is mostly a question for those in non -hospital
I am curious.... What companies do you get formalin
and xylene badges from?  Do they offer a monitoring
program (trending individuals, tasks, etc.)
I would appreciate any information on these particular
companies (including contact information).

Vendors, feel free to respond.

Thank you,

Jennifer Hofecker
Nashville, TN

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