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 We have had our blocks and slides stored in various environments over the years and temperature can definitely be an issue.  At one time we had blocks stored in an area that basically had no temp. control and we went down to retrieve some cases only to find the blocks stuck together and gummy.  Needless to say, we now have our blocks stored in a better area.  Also, though it is not the nicest thought first thing in the morning, you also need to make sure pests are not an issue.  In the area I was describing above, there was also a problem with roaches and mice (painting a lovely picture aren't I ?) and we found some blocks had actually been nibbled you may want to check that out as well.  Now we no longer have that problem in the new area and I no longer dress up in the isolation suit and gloves to retrieve blocks.....  : )     Good luck...and have a great day !!!

Albany Medical Center

>>> "Ford, Judi {Path~Palo Alto}" <JUDI.FORD@ROCHE.COM> 12/14/00 05:09PM >>>
Hi there everyone:

Our company is changing our off-site storage from one that is temperature
controlled to one that isn't.  We've never been concerned with the
acceptable range of temperatures for storing residual tissue and blocks
before and now are faced with coming up with ranges.  What I'd like to get
from anyone out there are temperature ranges that you store your blocks and
slides; problems you may have faced with uncontrolled temperature storage
facilities; etc.  Thanks in advance for any help you send my way.

Judi Ford
Palo Alto, CA

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