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Thanks for responding. Yes, it has been great to have the outside lab bill
our patients, however, that all stops for the technical component come
January (unless they delay). As I understand it, as a hospital we will be
responsible for the tech component for in and out-patients.

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You would charge the patient for all the pertinent CPT codes (88305,
88313x?, 88346x? and 88348).  The 88323 is charged by the institution or
pathologist performing the consultation.  Another option (in the appropriate
setting) would be to have the consulting laboratory/hospital bill the
patient's insurance directly.

R. Cartun

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I am getting two conflicting opinions on a billing situation. If we send out
a renal biopsy to another lab for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and
immunofluorescence - do we bill our hospital patient for each test by CPT
code for that test, or do we bill an 88323?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


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